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B.Com Course in Bangalore

BCom, a 3-year undergraduate degree, focuses on commerce and business studies. It covers Accounting, Corporate Tax, Economics, Company Law, Auditing, and Business Management. Core subjects encompass Financial Accounting, Business Mathematics, Business Law, Management Accounting, Marketing Management, and Income Tax.

Why Choose B.Com Course?

    1. Versatility: B.Com offers a versatile curriculum covering various aspects of commerce, finance, accounting, and economics. This versatility opens doors to a wide array of career opportunities in fields like banking, finance, accounting, taxation, and more.

    1. Practical Skills: Throughout the course, students develop practical skills highly valued in the professional world. From financial analysis to understanding market trends, B.Com equips students with practical knowledge applicable across industries.

    1. Career Growth: A B.Com degree lays a strong foundation for career growth. Whether you aspire to climb the corporate ladder or pursue entrepreneurship, the skills acquired during B.Com studies prove invaluable.

    1. Networking Opportunities: Enrolling in a B.Com program allows students to interact with peers, professors, and industry professionals, fostering valuable networking connections essential for future career endeavours.

BCom Course Fees & Admission

Interested in pursuing B.Com in Bangalore? Here’s what you need to know about fees and admission:

BCom Course Fees in Bangalore:

    • The fees for B.Com courses in Bangalore may vary depending on the institution and facilities provided.

    • Sophia Degree College in Bangalore offers a competitive B.Com course fee of ₹35,000.

Admission Process:

    • Ensure to check the eligibility criteria and deadlines for application submission.

Difference between Bcom and BBA

Aspect B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
Focus Commerce-related subjects such as accounting, finance, economics, and business law. Business management and administration subjects like marketing, human resources, operations, and strategic management.
Emphasis Broader understanding of commerce and its various facets. Developing managerial and leadership skills.
Ideal For Those interested in pursuing careers in finance, accounting, taxation, banking, or entrepreneurship. Individuals aspiring for roles in management, corporate strategy, consulting, or business development.
Career Opportunities Careers in finance, accounting, banking, taxation, and entrepreneurship. Roles in management, corporate strategy, consulting, business development, and related fields.
Duration Typically three years, divided into six semesters. Typically three years, divided into six semesters.
Course Structure Subjects revolve around commerce, economics, accounting, business law, and related areas. Focuses on business management, marketing, human resources, operations, strategic management, and related topics.


Can I pursue B.Com in Bangalore?

Yes, Bangalore offers numerous institutions providing B.Com courses. You can explore options such as Sophia Degree College affiliated with Bangalore North University.

What are the admission requirements for B.Com in Bangalore?

Admission requirements may vary among colleges. Generally, you need to fulfill eligibility criteria concerning educational qualifications and sometimes entrance exams. Visit the college’s website for specific details.

What is the duration of a B.Com course?

Typically, a B.Com course spans three years, divided into six semesters. However, some institutions may offer variations in duration or course structures.

Is B.Com a good choice for a career?

Yes, B.Com offers excellent career prospects in various fields such as finance, accounting, banking, taxation, and more. It provides a strong foundation for further education or entering the workforce directly.